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SIRI Group, pioneer in legal research software providers in India since 2003. The Company started operations in the year 2002 and launched its flagship product SIRI Supreme Case Laws in March 2003. Over the years, SIRI Group has reinvented legal research by including intuitive and smarter legal research tools with database access, thus strengthening lawyer’s practice. Research on SIRI Supreme Case Laws ensures that users spend their time analyzing information, and in context and not gathering it.

SIRI Supreme Case Laws is designed to be used by a wide variety of users across Legal, Educational, Corporate, Government sectors and others.

We are looking to provide our Products to the Advocates, Law Firms, Organisations, Corporate Sector, IT Sectors, Goverment Offices..etc. Our products will be helpful in legal research and reference to all the users.

Here by we are providing the product details below:


  • Supreme Court Cases
  • Andhra Pradesh High Court Cases
  • Karnataka High Court Cases
  • Tamil Nadu High Court Cases
  • Kerala High Court Cases
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