About Us

About Our Company

 SIRI Group is established in the year 2003 by a select Group of professionals, whose main aim is to make the world a better place for producing Web Applications and Windows Applications. We have progressed much further in the field of Information Technology and started developing Application for different platforms such as Android, Linux, MAC OS, Symbian OS etc. SIRI Group has a profound influence in Application development and has gained trustworthy client base. SIRI Group is a proactive organization based in Bangalore Region, India, specializing in customized software development, web development & Website design Bangalore with interactive flash. Marketing & Support Services The business paradigm of SIRI Group includes the following areas ? Customized Software Development SIRI Group develops E-commerce website design for its clients and also for internal use. The library on-the-shelf Software?s includes Indian Financial Accounting Software, Case Diary, SIRI Builders Software, E Management, Account organizer, Hosting etc.

 The team at SIRI Group is well-qualified, strongly motivated and the infrastructure setup is state-of-the-art. All this summed up with an interesting work environment to deliver quality solutions, in a timely manner! Vision To develop a strong Client base with an equally effective Support structure which acts as a catalyst for effective deployment of futuristically complete and credible IT solutions. We strive to achieve this by focusing individually on each project and build a healthy relationship with our Customers


Our Vision & Mission

 Quality is a comprehensive & fundamental rule or belief, for leading & operating an organization. And this helps in continually improving performance over the long term. Management Team After having brought the company from the conceptualization stage onward, the management is confident that technologies, work force and determination are poised for growth and wide acceptance. The management is continually identifying some more niche segments, where the presence is desirable to ensure globalization of the organization's presence

Our Skills

Web Design & Web Development

95% 95% Complete

Graphic Designing / Photoshop / Illustrator / Coraldraw

85% 85% Complete

Javascript / Jquery / Ajax / Php / .Net

100% 90% Complete

Andriod Applications

80% 90% Complete

Our Solutions

Sirigroup takes a personal approach to redefine client?s expectations, taking ideas and turning them into tangible visual results. We utilise modern technologies to push boundaries for our clients and create modern, stylish and contemporary designs. We make the complex simple and quite often simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

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