SLR Packagings is a corrugated box manufacturing company and was established in 2011 by MR. Naveen, a young and dynamic entrepreneur. SLR Packagings mainly focuses on the corrugated boxes manufacturing and we have a cluster of experienced packaging experts whose capacity of work includes both the design of basic corrugated boxes, and chipboard folding cartons in order to produce the ideal convention packaging for our clients needs. SLR Packagings carry out a silky and well-organized procedure where standard corrugated boxes are produced effortlessly and where our clients are always provided the decision of designing and constructing custom packaging that best defends and highlights their exclusive products. SLR Packagings offers cost effective, environmentally helpful way of satisfying our customer needs and requirements and the main aim of SLR Packagings is to provide our clients with a quality products. SLR Packagings has more than 25 experienced and skilled employees in all areas of custom high speed corrugated box production and our company can produce almost any kind of Corrugated boxes and paper stock. Our company is equipped with all the modern machineries that makes our work more efficient and with the best quality output. SLR Packagings offers the clients with the distinct range of products and services that includes Custom-Made Packaging, Printing, Die-Cutting, and Short Run orders and these corrugated boxes can be used for the shipping and office purposes.