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Full Service Law Firm in Bangalore, India

At Cyril Prasad Pais and Associates, we are always ready to assist you in any litigation or non litigation related matter, whether simple or complex. Our aim is to resolve disputes as economically and efficiently as possible but we are also ready to aggressively pursue our client's interests. Whether you seek an efficient and cost-effective resolution through negotiation and settlement, or are prepared to take your case to trial, our attorneys have the strategy, skill and experience necessary to achieve your desired results.

Our lawyers know how the legal system works and how to make it work best for our clients. We are seasoned trial practitioners, and relentless in pursuing our client's interests.

In the courtroom, our lawyers are thoroughly prepared and take all steps necessary to zealously represent our client's interests. We care about our clients and are compassionate about their cases. We support them as important individuals and do whatever it takes, within the bounds of the law and ethics, to support their cause.

When you need legal representation in the courts, just give us a call. Our Lawyers will set up a consultation to hear your needs and assess your case. The complete resolution to your case or representation in a timely manner is what we will strive to achieve.

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